We are group of elite and educated people. we are in human services for last many years. We have sacrifice our time money to serve the poors of the society. Please come with us.

Naya Savera Charitable Trust

Trustees Behind these activities.

Dr. Ishwarbhai R. Joshi, who is practicing Psychologist, a philanthropist. A well known personality in media, a columnist in Hindi Dainik Bhaskar. He is a spiritual guru and a philosopher. Dr. Joshi is a certified Google Digital marketing trainer. He is an Astrologer and trains 53 ancient ‘gudh vidya’. He is a corporate motivational trainer, thinker, a professional blogger.

Mr. Hiten Acharya. He is a well known social worker and a businessman. He is actively involved with many religious activities.

Jigar Borase, is a well known philanthropist, thinker and a teacher.

Dr.B.Vishal, who is a trained Ayurvedic Doctor and a social worker. He has helped many poor patients who can not afford expensive treatments.

Hiteshkumar Bhuva. He is a businessman and social worker

Hitesh Patel, is energetic young man with power of religious activities.

Ashwani Nanak, is a philanthropist, a social worker.

Pacchigar Asociets M.D. Pacchigar )(261)2411370

अधिक मार्गदर्शन के लिये हमे जरूर सम्पर्क करे. Dr.Joshi 9723106181 (President )

why Choose Us

We are group of elite educated people motivated to pay back to the society. We are very humble and honest to serve the society.

Our vision

To create a society wher people can have least better life. Poverty should be banned from the plannet.

Our mission

To develop healthy and perfect human is our mission.

Our Donators

D 206, Aagam Shopping world, Vesu Surat 395001 Gujarat, India